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Toy Handcraft Loom Machine

Product by: Georgie Porgy
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Age: 8+
Material: ABS + Fabric
Dimensions: 21*25.5*19.5 cm
Net weight: 0.910 kg
Package: Color Box
Price: £22.99


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Do you want to knit your friend a woolen hat full of love? Oh, you said you couldn’t knit. Don`t worry. We’ve got something special for you – A WEAVING MACHINE!

💕 Easy to Use-This machine is easy to help you create a flat or round needle in seconds with a manual crank operation. You just need to thread the yarn into the spindle and then turn the crank to knit scarves, gloves, and more!
💕 High Weaving Speed – This 22 needles weaving machine can help you loom a knitted beanie in 15 minutes, however, by traditional handmade weaving, it takes about 5 hours.
💕 High Quality Material – Made of high-quality plastic, which is odorless, durable, and safe.

💕 A rewarding play experience suitable for children age 8 years and above. Parents can also use the machine to knit warm and beautiful scarf or something for the little guy as present.


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11-13 Years, 8-10 Years


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